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The required levels of athlete participation has led to changes in the selection procedure for the Games. Each country is no longer assured an athlete in each sport - now places and athletes have to compete against not merely their countrymen, but against others inside their region or nation for an Olympic position.

In the 2004 Olympic Games all of the men's events (epee, foil, and sabe...

The Olympics are in Beijing in 2008, how are the teams chosen for your fencing competition?

The levels of player involvement has generated changes in the selection process for the Games. Be taught supplementary resources about read this by visiting our poetic portfolio. Each state is no more assured an athlete in each game - now nations and players need to compete against not merely their countrymen, but against others inside their region or continent for an Olympic slot.

In the 2004 Olympic Games all the men's events (epee, foil, and saber) were included, but two of the three women's events did not hold the team competition.

The global fence federation (FIE) moves the activities which will sit out the group percentage of the Olympics, and for the 2008 Olympic Fencing opposition, Men's Foil and Women's Epee will only keep a person event.

Who reaches go?

Athletes are competing for slots based on their nation's standing in the world (for team events) and based on individual world rankings (for the individual events.) Here's a break down of what it will take for an aspiring swordsman (or swordswoman) to get yourself a ticket to Beijing:

Guns with Group Activities (Men's Epee, Men's Sabre, Women's Foil, Women's Sabre ):

Group Events are made up of teams of 3 fencers with 1 different. A complete of 8 groups may participate in each team function (9 if China does not qualify a team straight).

The top 4 teams on the planet standings may qualify directly to the Olympics. The rest of the 4 teams are selected based on regional qualification. The top team from each region (Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa) that's perhaps not already qualified will generate a regional cabin.

The person event is really a event with a field of 3-9 fencers. For the individual competition, the 2-4 fencers that ran in the group function qualify. For fresh information, consider looking at: website. The top 3 on the planet rankings qualify, with only one fencer from any one country, after the first 2-4 fencers are chosen. Another 7 are taken from the Olympic locations as the top 2 from Europe, 2 from Asia, 2 from the Americas, and 1 from Africa, again with only 1 fencer from a nation. The remaining 5 slots are based on a continental qualifying competition with 2 from Europe and 1 from all the remaining regions.

What about Men's Foil and Women's Epee?

A different set of standards can be used to pick the 24 fencers who will compete in the Men's Foil and Women's Epee activities. Because there is no team function, every individual will need to qualify on their own benefit and not on the position in their national team. Get additional info on our affiliated use with - Click here: fundable competition. The following method is used to pick the 24 specific entries:

The top 8 in the World rankings get their tickets punched (but only 2 can go from the same place from this set.) Following the first 8 are opted for, the next 8 in are chosen by region according to altered world rankings. (There are 3 slots for Europe, 2 for Asia, 2 for the Americas, and 1 for Africa.) The past 8 qualify based on continental contests where nations which have perhaps not qualified any fencers on the first 2 rounds. Within the last few round, the allocation of slots stays at 2 Asia, 3 Europe and Americas, and 1 for Africa.

Outlook for the United States

Can the US make a medal in 2008?

The Usa earned Bronze and Gold medals in Women's sabre in 2004. Mariel Zagunis and Sada Jacobson are still at the top of the world rankings and are joined by young wall phenom Becca Ward, who last year won the individual world championship name at the Cadet, Junior, and Senior level of competition. If you are interested in jewelry, you will probably choose to compare about fundable competition. The UNITED STATES is desired to honor in Women's Sabre.

In the other tools, the greatest hopes are with Men's Sabre as the individual associates are posting good results for the year..
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