Full Version: How To Turn Your iPod Into TV
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Learn how to turn your iPod 2.5 inches screen into the equivalency of a 27 inches TELEVISION viewing while on the go!

The Apple iPod is associated with portable audio and music, and with the starting of the video-capable iPod, music fans not merely will enjoy the audio but additionally video. We found out about by searching Yahoo.

Herein lies the issue - the apple iPod screen is only 2.5 inches, and there's little doubt when we can have a bigger movie screen that viewing pleasure can be increased.

How then can the i-pod have a more impressive viewing display - so as to be considered a portable TV too?

All you need to-do would be to get a MicroOptical Goggles, to convert your iPod into a Mobile TV. I discovered by browsing books in the library.

You can wear this goggle over your regular spectacles o-r eyeglasses, and where you do not feel comfortable, you can do-so over your contacts.

The glasses is fairly light at 70 h, using a belt clip that holds the i-pod and the battery pack of 3 AAA-batteries. A cable connects to the iPod headphone interface. If you are interested in the Internet, you will possibly want to read about GogglX Swimming Goggles Revealed To Be Best Anti Fog Swim Goggles.

These glasses can produce the picture from two little LCDs by way of a number of contacts directly to the eyes so that you can watch video about what looks like a 27 inch screen TV!

Now, if you are always on the go and travelling, and you need to re-search or research or to have information from movies, you can now appreciate 27' equivalency viewing using the apple iPod.

The only disadvantage is the price of the MicroOptical Corp Goggles, which, nevertheless is expected to fall with demand. Without the goggles, you've to tolerate the viewing from the 2.5 inch screen from the iPod, or dish out around $269 for the start and Goggles to enjoy Mobile TV using the iPod. To discover additional info, please consider looking at: GogglX Swimming Goggles Revealed To Be Best Anti Fog Swim Goggles.

Together with the develop-ment of technology, soon the battery power comprising the 3-AAA size batteries may disappear, rendering it more light weight!

Certainly, there is nothing to put on right back the i-pod from devel-oping in to the music player and mobile TV player if you can afford the cost of the glasses..
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