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Unfortunately, there is no easy way out - especially if you wish to do it right, but I really do have several ideas to make your submission and trade life easier.

There is nothing beats spending an afternoon finding sites, finding your...

If you are something like me, you spend hours a week submitting your website to directories, and writing messages to change links. And, if you're like me, you hate every minute of it and you search for a simple way out at every turn.

Regrettably, there is no easy solution - particularly when you wish to do it right, but I really do have several suggestions to make your submission and trade life easier.

There is nothing beats spending an afternoon finding websites, finding your unique category and then submitting your website. It's a lot of work before you even get to the submission process, and by then fatigue sets in, as well as being frustrated

From the entire process.

There are any amounts of listing lists out there, but retains a close watch on a few hundred directories. I discovered Affiliate Tracking Computer software: Wh... | Diigo by searching Google Books. He keeps an Excel spreadsheet of niche and general websites (some paid, some free) as you are able to download and use to record your service articles. All sites are Search Engine Optimization pleasant. This method is manual. To get a different viewpoint, please consider peeping at: Distribution ser-vices may also be provided.

At you create a report to the 4th Media website together with your website details: Title, URL, and Description. You'll have up to 1-0 different points for a specific site, if settled. He offers several packages: free: do it yourself, paid: do it yourself, and they also have a distribution service. There are mostly settled directories, some are free, and many are seo-friendly.

A third service distribution s-olution, and the best, will be the Directory Submitter -

I discovered the Directory Submitter after utilizing the above 2 alternatives (and I still use them) but I just needed something to give me a feeling of achievement, so I started looking for an automated solution. I came across several but was unhappy with my results.

I found the Directory Submitter, tested the trial version and chose to spend the cash to the complete version. It was money well-spent.

The Directory Submitter works from the comfort of your desktop and is quite simple to use. The hardest part is launching your profiles. Once you have accomplished this, and then you are ready to go. If you want to identify new resources on site link, there are heaps of on-line databases you should consider pursuing. Like any application, you need to do have to get used to it, but this doesn't take long, and then you'll travel through articles. O-n my 2nd night using the application, I posted a website to 30 directories. I was undoubtedly impressed. It usually takes me months cope with 1-0 articles.

The Directory Submitter isn't totally automated: sorry persons, but it will not do it all. You still have to decide the top class your site belongs in, you'll still need to manually type in any 'captcha' photographs you come across. With any method of directory submission you use, you should read the submission recommendations, for-a greater chance of being accepted.. Clicking how works possibly provides warnings you should give to your dad.
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