Full Version: Bill Acceptors in Planet Antares Vending Machines
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Bill acceptors were developed in the late 1960s to make the selling sodas and candy bars from the vending machine much easier. They would accept the money that the customer has placed in the equipment, for the purchase of product. To get more information, consider having a look at: patent pending. Bill acceptors are employed in vending machines such as those provided by Antares Corporation. A magnetic head was used by the first generation of machines, like those in audio cassette player, to see the tattoo on the dollar bill. The ink used by the Treasury has high ink material therefore it makes this technique possible. For the method to work the magnet heads have to be touching the bills. Sometimes the charges would become fouled with lint and dust. As recently as eight years ago, some people would try to fool vending machines with white and black photocopy of a bill. Nowadays newer magnetic readers flow above the surface of the bill and can differentiate between copier ink and treasury ink by measuring the design of magnetic particles and the magnetic field within the ink, which acts as sort of fingerprint. All vending machines, including Antares machines all use these bill acceptors. If you have an opinion about shopping, you will likely claim to explore about company website. There are some problems that your Antares vending machine can experience with the bill acceptor, therefore its essential that you keep a check on that. The absolute most serious problem is poor acceptance. This is because the reader heads become worn and are unable to read the bills. I found out about fresh healthy vending review by searching the Dallas Post-Herald. It is possible to avoid this problem together with your Antares vending machine by maintaining the bill acceptor clear using Qtips and alcohol. That means that the magnetic heads are so used that you will need to send in the bill acceptor for offering if the bill acceptor is used costs without returning change. If the acceptor isn't getting costs, that's caused by a bad front sensor. As an Antares vending owner you'll need to be careful of the preservation of your bill acceptor because everytime a bill passes through the transfer it leaves a trace of ink. A cash leaves a of metal flakes. Therefore you need to clean and periodically disassemble the validator, paying particular attention to the statement course, detectors and devices. Discover further on the affiliated encyclopedia - Click this hyperlink: fresh healthy vending complaints. Examine the belts for just about any deterioration and destruction. By keeping a check up on the performance of your Antares vending models validator, you may be assured of smooth running of the unit..
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