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Defending Your Animals' Plates
06-15-2016, 08:54 PM
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Big Grin Defending Your Animals' Plates
People know food companies have systems in place that reduce the risk of food-borne infection and other potential hazards in our food. We learned about by searching Google Books. Clicking possibly provides warnings you can tell your dad. Less common, is awareness of the rigorous procedures of some dog food companies to guarantee the quality and safety of your pet's next meal.

For example, Diamond Pet Foods follows a quality assurance plan in its manufacturing plants that requires its solution to pass 151 safety and quality inspections before it reaches your pet's food dish. The device was created to add extra levels of security.

'We believe pet owners should be able to obtain premium products at an affordable cost, and, for the past 3-5 years, we have been committed to providing affordable, supreme quality pet food options,' said Mark Brinkmann, their chief operations officer. 'The 151-check process may help us continue offering inexpensive, premium products and services by the addition of extra guarantee that our ingredients are top-quality and safe.'

The system includes 141 split up tests and checks on the incoming pet food components, and quality checks and 10 security on the final packaged product prior to transport.

For testing of incoming feed elements, 1-2 examples are taken of every shipment, which will be three times the test number regulatory standards require. Identify more on this affiliated web resource - Navigate to this URL:

Mark Mascarenhas, the company's quality control manager, said the considerable final product tests provide additional assurance before the product is shipped to the client. Get more on by visiting our telling portfolio.

'We have designed redundancies in-to our 151-check system as an extra measure to prevent error,' said Mascarenhas. 'Our quality process uses the newest technology and equipment, and top quality ingredients that help animals digest vitamins.'

Most of the company's products are 'accuracy created' for information, quality, consistency and uniformity. Along with its dedication to safety and quality, Diamond undergoes audits by way of a respectable independent laboratory for food safety, quality and palatability..
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